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Both of these three month old puppies' ears have been completely cut off with scissors down to their head. PLEASE HELP US! If you know anything about these dogs please email us at 

Thanks to donors who wish to stay anonymous,
we can offer a $2,500 reward for information
leading to the arrest of the people responsible
for cutting off the puppies' ears.

Please email rather than calling.

The reports we've received from people are indicating that these puppies were dumped in the area south of Randolph near the Bibb / Chilton County line.  People in the area saw them before their ears were cut off, and then afterward in the same area.  

We wish we could say this is an isolated incident, but it isn't.  The week before this, these nine two day old puppies were found in a mop bucket on the side of the road.

They were taken from their mother immediately after birth and left to slowly die.  Some of them still had parts of their umbilical cords attached.  Thankfully someone found them and brought them to us, we got them into bottle feeding homes, but they weren't found in time and we lost four of the nine in the first 24 hours. 

We are drowning.  We receive 250-300 animals a month, some of them are in good shape, but too many others were abused, have mange, have ringworm, have heartworms, and so many other issues.  When you combine this with our ongoing issue with being underfunded it leaves us with hard decisions. 

It would cost us less than a dollar to euthanize these animals, we don't want to do that.  We are fighting every day to lower our euthanasia rate, we didn't decide to work for the animals in this county just to euthanize them because its easier or cheaper. 


We are funded by Chilton County and the cities of Clanton, Jemison and Thorsby, we are not allowed by the terms of our agreement to require a drop off fee.  We can count on $6,600 a month from the county and cities but this only covers our payroll.  That leaves us with no money for utilities, no money for medicines, no money for vet visits and no money to ever make improvements EXCEPT for the money we receive from the community in donations.    Please help us!