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Hours of Operation
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday
12:00 noon to 4 p.m. 
No drop offs after 3:00 pm

We are opened the first and third Saturdays of each month from 12:00 noon to 3 p.m.
No drop offs after 2:00 pm

We are closed all day on Thursday and Sunday.

We Need Your Help


The HSCC receives 250-400 animals a month.  Some animals enter the shelter healthy, while others are abused, neglected, diseased or even critically injured.  The policy of the HSCC is to euthanize ONLY those animals too sick to save or too aggressive to be adopted or rescued.  As a result of this policy, there are many times the HSCC's capacity is full and must be closed to intakes until space is available.  Adoptions and Rescues are vitally important to the pets of Chilton County.  We want to find loving homes for all the animals entering our doors!


The HSCC is a private charitable organization [501(c)(3)] totally dependent upon donations from local governments, businesses, citizens and the public.  The Chilton County Commission and the Cities of Clanton, Jemison, Maplesville and Thorsby are asked to donate regularly.  No drop off fee is charged to the citizens of Chilton County.  

The HSCC is actively raising money to build and equip a new facility.  Our current building lacks heating, air conditioning, ventilation, space and equipment. Daily maintenance to the current facility takes away funds and personnel, both on which our pets' livelihood depend.  

Donations are greatly appreciated!  Click the donate button on our home page.  Contact us at 205-755-9170 if you would like to volunteer or donate in any way.  HELP, we need you!